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WEEK 19 (6/16-6/22)

In Bridges, we will begin working on Chapter 12. ALL Bridges work will be done in class together so that the students can prepare for their upcoming final tests and other events. (There will be NO future Bridges homework.)

Note: We will use extra classes to prepare for the end-of-the-year performance. PLEASE know your performance parts and practice whenever possible.

In Grammar all classes will continue Unit 9. 401 will cover p.64-65, while 402 will cover p. 62-63. We won’t have a formal quiz for Unit 9. We will do some review activities instead.
In Writing, we have finished the Oral Tests. We will edit the first draft of the ‘If I Were President’ writing we started a few weeks ago, with a view to completing the final copy before the end of the semester.

In Music, we will practice putting together our entire show for the end-of-the-year performance on the stage. It is important for the students to learn the dances to be ready for the performances, so I made dance practice videos and put them up on my YouTube channel. Just search “Teacher Josh Tsai Hsing” on YouTube, and you should be able to find my channel. Please encourage your children to practice the dances at home when they have time. Since the end of the year performance is coming up soon, we will also be using some of the remaining Reading classes to practice. Thank you for your support.

Remember, the easiest way to stay in touch is by using ClassDojo. {^_^}

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Upcoming Tests and Quizzes

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Electric Culture

Bridges Textbook pages 78-102

Bridges Workbook pages 26-34

Ch.10 Quiz (week 14?)


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Hello everyone,


      I am Nathan Weller, but everyone at Tsai Hsing calls me "Teacher Nate."  I want to welcome you and your child to their classroom's website and introduce myself to you. I am from New York but not from New York City because I am from close to Canada in upstate NY. I wanted to become a teacher since a young age.

      It is my dream to change the world by helping improve the success of my students. I came to Taiwan in 2011 where I was teaching in Kaohsiung for three years before I came to Tsai Hsing in 2014. I love Taiwan so much I may even stay here forever! I'm adventurous, I like to be doing outdoor activities but, I also enjoy staying in to spend time with friends. I enjoy playing all sports but, my best sports are tennis, swimming, martial arts and OCR races, like the Spartan Races!

      I hope that we have a chance to get to know each other better over the time that I get to work with you.


Nathan Weller

a.k.a. 魏赤髯

You can also email me at...

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